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Winglaze is a product brand of Winglaze UAE. We are certified to and operate an Integrated Management System (IMS), covering ISO9001, ISO140001 and OHSAS180001 standards ensuring that all our operations meet international standards, covering design, manufacturing, supply and service. We strive hard to stand up to the expectations of our customers at all times including dedicated professionals, state-of-the-art technology and our associates considering quality, style, elegance and innovation. With advanced technology, and a strong local presence, we create desire by exploring the boundaries of fenestration solutions to ensure maximum satisfaction to our customers.

Dr.Jose Mikle robin

Chairman, Winglaze

” Don’t run behind Success, run behind excellence and Success will follow. We are committed to social responsibilities and is providing suitable training, employment and growth opportunities to youngsters” .



Lead our business with total rectitude

Total Quality Excellence of product and superior value will be provided to the customer in every deference plenarily meeting their prospects. Aiming to satiate the aims and aspirations of our shareholders, employees and the community in Dubai.


Invariable enhancements

Attaining the certainty and fulfillment of our clients by offering the best expectations of modernity and excellence, security and strength, at plausible costs and quality affirmation.

Company Strength

Creative products you can trust!

  We are glad to consistently offer you the best quality and assurance you really merit in the imaginative window products on the creation.

Plausible Pricing

Our products are reasonable in price to the consumer, which avails us  appeal to buyers probing for both a bargain and a higher – esteem thing.

Supreme services

We have  our own incomparable products  and development team with explicit roles and innovation.

Proven acheivement

We proved our success through  vigor and quality of the product enhancing client approach and increasing expeditious replication in  the market.

Our Office

A4 Rakia building 7th Floor,705,
Post Box : 85577
Al Hamra,Al Jazeera
Ras Al Khaimah-UAE
Tel No : +971 72433006
Mob No : +971 564995446


Factory Address

Winglaze Industries
Factory Unit No : 04*08
Rakez Warehouse Area,
Post Box : 85577
Al Hamra,Al Jazeera
Ras Al Khaimah-UAE
Tel No : +971 72433006
Mob No : +971 554659840

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